Alfa Laval - 环境脱气模块


啤酒厂模块可在环境温度下对水进行脱气。阿法拉伐的 Aldox™ 系列自给式和预装式脱气模块可提供热水或冷水脱气,对于 10 到 1800 hl / h 之间的任何产量,DO 水平低于 10 ppb,二氧化碳效率为 95% 以上。Aldox™ 可轻松高效地满足您对容量、复杂性、脱气水平、自动化、组件选择或任何其他要求的需求。

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  • 自动控制,即插即用,将现场工作最小化
  • 卫生、紧凑的设计,低维护
  • 在大气压下稳定可靠地运行 ,无需压力容器或真空泵
  • 溶解氧含量低于 10 ppb
  • 汽提气体的损失小于 5%

完整的脱气和麦芽汁制备解决方案:Aldox™ 是一种全自动、独立的工厂预组装和测试模块,用于制备麦芽汁和水脱气。即插即用功能确保现场工作量最少,Aldox™ 可提供一系列免费选项。如果包括水的巴氏杀菌,可实现高达 95% 的能量回收。根据食品和酿造行业法规,与产品接触的所有组件均由不锈钢制成,并带有耐热密封件,并设计用于通过集成的 CIP 程序进行高效 CIP。



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How much CO2 will remain in the deaerated water (DAW)?

The Alfa Laval Aldox water deaeration module works at atmospheric pressure. The CO2 content in the deaerated water will correspond to the levels found at the water temperature at atmospheric pressure. At 20°C, for instance, the CO2 concentration is approximately 1.75g/l.


What is the startup time?

The Alfa Laval Aldox Mini takes less than five minutes to be able to supply a continuous stream of deaerated water. 


Do I need a deaerated water tank after the Alfa Laval Aldox Mini?

In some small breweries, it is not strictly necessary to have a deaerated water tank and routing system after the Aldox Mini. The connection to the line to be flushed can be positioned prior to the Aldox Mini. If a pressure above 2 bar (g) and higher flow rates are needed, a deaerated water tank and routing are required.

If no buffer tank is used, the Aldox goes either into circulation mode or into stand-by mode depending on the operating circumstances. When deaerated water is required again, the Aldox switches back into production mode. However, Alfa Laval recommends the use of a buffer tank if DAW needs are constant during the day and at different points in the brewery or if DAW requirements lasting several hours or more are common. During production stops, the Aldox will consume CO2 or N2 while in stand-by mode, making the use of a buffer tank more cost-effective in the long term.


How often do I need to conduct Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)?

The required cleaning frequency depends on the water quality and its impurities. However, a typical cleaning routine generally calls for CIP with a caustic cleaning agent about once or twice a month, followed by acid cleaning once every three months. You can view our webinar about CIP


To reduce the amount of oxygen in the deaerated water produced by the Aldox, can I simply supply more CO2 into the Aldox?

No. The amount of oxygen in the deaerated water produced by the Aldox depends on the height of the column filled with packing material, not the CO2 supplied into the process.


Does the higher ambient temperature of the feed water affect the efficiency?

The higher the temperature, the lower the gas consumption since less CO2 will be dissolved into the water. The higher the temperature, the better the stripping efficiency.


What the typical commissioning time for an Aldox Mini? (A conventional Aldox will take longer.)

Commissioning generally takes about two days onsite and, given the fact that the Aldox Mini is such a simple system, it can be handled by the brewery.