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White paper: Navigating a changing refrigerants market

专家指导 行业领先

Unparalleled strength for demanding duties

Pressure Secure is about high mechanical strength, low pressure drop and very high pressure load. Learn more about PressureSecure from Mehrdad Mohammadian, senior design engineer at Alfa Laval.

IceSafe ensures reliable performance

How can you ensure both reliable performance and a long lasting heat exchanger? Listen to Fredrik Strömer, thermal specialist at Alfa Laval.


有关于当前制冷剂市场变化的问题吗? 观看此简短视频,了解选择何种类型的制冷剂。




了解 AlfaNova 的情况——100%不锈钢换热器,采用我们的专利熔焊工艺制造。




为了最大限度地减少潜在的停机时间,阿法拉伐开发了可提高换热器可靠性的功能。 在此,专家 Torgny 解释了五点对齐系统。


ClipGrip™等简化维护的功能有助于确保设备具有最长的使用寿命和最低的拥有成本。 与专家 Johan 一起观看此视频,了解更多信息。


使用 CurveFlow™实现更高的效率

在此视频中,阿法拉伐专家 Martin 解释了 CurveFlow™分布区等高级功能是如何提高热效率的。

U-turn – a module for ammonia applications

The module -- including a separator and plate heat exchanger ensures minimum pressure drop losses and maximum energy efficiency. Watch this 3 min video to learn more.

RefTight™ sealing system - an expert view

The unique Alfa Laval RefTight™ sealing system enables enhanced, long-term performance in applications with high pressures and temperatures on semi-welded plate heat exchangers.

High performance, low energy consumption with Alfa Laval TK20

The Alfa Laval TK20 semi-welded gasketed plate heat exchanger is optimized to deliver in performance and reliability for heating and cooling of aggressive media.

Refrigeration experts from Bort de Graaf have turned to Alfa Laval’s semi-welded technology

Learn why refrigeration experts Bort de Graaf have chosen Alfa Laval semi-welded technology for their CO2 cascade systems.

Efficient and reliable technology: that is what we do

Only Alfa Laval offers a full range of heat exchange technology for data centers with performance certification from the independent Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). This gives you confident assurance of efficient performance, but ultimately, the equipment is just the beginning. Find out how we can work with you from day one to make sure your cooling system will deliver reliable, long-term sustainability.

Unique expertise to ensure dependable sustainability over time

Fouling can greatly reduce both the expected lifetime of your heat exchanger as well as its thermal performance. With Alfa Laval as your partner, you have access to the world-leading experts on chemistry and materials technology. They can work with you to identify the potential causes of fouling risks and develop custom strategies to help you prevent it.





AC16 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 474 kB
AC18 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 528 kB
AC40 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 590 kB
AC70 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 525 kB
AC72 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 527 kB
AC112 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 587 kB
AC220EQ 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 598 kB
AC230 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 283 kB
AC232 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 299 kB
AC240DQ 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 642 kB
AC500DQ 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 625 kB
AC502 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 626 kB
AC1000DQ 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 639 kB
ACH73 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 523 kB
ACP500EQ 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 633 kB
AlfaQ AHRI 产品宣传单 2018-08-30 2047 kB
AXP10 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 634 kB
AXP14 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 635 kB
AXP27an 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 559 kB
AXP52 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 543 kB
AXP112 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 646 kB
CB10 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 502 kB
CB16 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 586 kB
CB18 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 580 kB
CB30 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 583 kB
CB410 产品宣传单 2018-10-03 761 kB
CB60 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 512 kB
CB62 产品宣传单 2018-01-18 504 kB
GL50 - GLN50 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 413 kB
GL80 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 783 kB
GL100 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 433 kB
GL150 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 456 kB
GLH50 and GLNH50 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 413 kB
GLH80 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 783 kB
GLH100 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 433 kB
GLH150 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 457 kB
GLX30 - GLXN30 产品宣传单 2019-05-06 275 kB

Our customers’ stories

With a history built on more than 90 years of thermal innovation, today Alfa Laval works with clients all over the world, in virtually any industry imaginable. But don’t take our word for it! Click here to read some of our customers’ stories and learn about the ways our advanced plate heat exchanger technologies help them secure more efficient, dependable and sustainable thermal performance.

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Heating and Cooling FAQ

See expert answers to the most common questions about heating and cooling technology.

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Consultant tools

Based on unique knowledge from decades of experience supplying thermal solutions, Alfa Laval has been able to create a number of resources that you can utilize to facilitate your day-to-day work. Click here to discover BIM files, 3D drawings and other resources to facilitate your day-to-day work.

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