Continuous, reliable and exact wort aeration and yeast pitching resulting in optimized and repeatable fermentation conditions.


The Aeropitch combines the functions of wort aeration (Aeroset) and yeast pitching (Dynapitch) into one compact, fully automatic brewery process module.


  • Efficient dissolving
  • Automatic dosing/pitching control
  • Sterile gas filter
  • Holding tube
  • Pressure control
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and sanitary design




Air, oxygen gas mixture or pure oxygen is injected directly into the wort via a specially designed mixer/accelerator, which makes sure that the gas is efficiently dissolved. The required oxygen level is set at the control panel and flow meters.

A control valve makes sure that the exact amount of oxygen is dosed at all times. The module includes arrangement for sterilization of the injected air and a holding cell combined with backpressure valve to secure that all gas is completely dissolved when the wort leaves the module.

Yeast pitching

Yeast is pitched according to readings from wort, yeast flow meters and data input regarding pitching rate, cell concentration in yeast slurry and the amount of wort to be pitched.

The operation can be set for “batch pitching” whereby a batch of yeast is pitched during a defined period of time. It can also be set for “continuous pitching” where the yeast is pitched continuously during the complete wort run.

A typical application could be dissolving air to exactly 10 ppm into incoming wort at a temperature of 8°C and pressure of 4 bar (g).
The yeast slurry is then pitched to obtain a cell count of 20 x 106 cells per ml wort.