The Alfa Laval GL product line is an ultra-compact, high-efficiency solution engineered to meet the unique challenges of simultaneously working with gas and liquid media. A revolutionary new design handles very high temperatures with very low pressure drop. Manufactured with Alfa Laval’s proven copper-brazing technology, they also ensure the reliable performance you expect from the world leader in thermal transfer.

GL150 heat exchanger

Handle more with brazed gas-to-liquid technology

  • Our standard gas-to-liquid models support gas temperatures up to 750°C
  • For special applications, temperatures above 1400°C are possible
  • Very low pressure drop in asymmetric applications thanks to patented “dimple” plate design
  • Condensate from the gas medium drains easily thanks to condensate connection included with the unit
The Alfa Laval GL product line is the perfect choice for numerous asymmetrical heat transfer applications. They are designed with a lightweight brazed construction that offers much greater thermal efficiency and is typically 75% smaller than shell-and-tube designs used for similar duties. Furthermore, while normal copper-brazed plate heat exchangers can often only handle temperatures up to 225°C, our GL product line supports much higher temperatures with no risk of thermal fatigue. This enables superior performance in high-temperature exhaust gas duties as well as in all types of condensation applications.


Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid heat exchangers use thin, corrugated stainless steel plates to provide heat transfer from one medium to the other. Copper brazing seals the media in the plate pack, resulting in a high-efficiency heat exchanger that consists solely of surfaces that actively contribute to heat transfer. Contact points between the plates are also brazed, which improves resistance to pressure and temperature fatigue.

The arrangement of the channels formed between the plates ensures that media flow through alternate channels in a countercurrent pattern, which further optimizes the efficiency of the heat transfer. One channel is far larger than the other channel, enabling the unit to handle very large volumetric flow rates.

新款阿尔法诺瓦 GL50

GL50 是一种非对称气液板式热交换器,由 100% 不锈钢制成。它体积小,单手即可握住,但却能以出色的性能处理每小时 250 立方米的气体流量以及高达 750°C 的入口气体温度。



阿法拉伐的 GL 板式换热器采用高效技术,占地面积极小,可用于整个工艺流程中的各个位置。请观看本示例动画,了解更多信息,并亲眼目睹它们的紧凑程度!





pre-cooler for compressed air 640x360






Are you ready to handle more?

Curious about what our GL product line can bring to your business? Download an overview of our gas-to-liquid portfolio to learn more about how customers use this technology in a number of different applications. You will also find product configuration information as well as technical specifications.

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阿法拉伐凭借数十年的换热经验,为当今的加热和冷却挑战提供了丰富的知识资源。 寻找从能源效率到天然制冷剂的各种复杂问题的答案,以及可帮助给您的应用找到合适技术的简单工具。

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