Compact and straightforward, LKAP seat valves are reliable air-operated shut-off valves widely used for small flow rates and for dosing applications in the dairy, food and beverage industries.

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Proven shut-off valve

The Alfa Laval LKAP seat valve is a quality pneumatic shut-off valve that is based on reliable, proven technology. It is ideal to handle small flow rates of up to 9 m3/h and purpose-built for specialty applications, such as a CIP supply valve to Unique mixproof valves or dosing valves in mixing applications.

Clean simplicity

Like all other hygienic Alfa Laval valves, the LKAP features a simple, straightforward design with the fewest possible components and minimal moving parts. Smooth surfaces and sanitary finishes contribute to good hygiene and cleanability.

Shut-off valve range

The standard Alfa Laval LKAP valve is a normally closed (NC) valve with a two- or three-port valve body (LKAP-V and LKAP-T, respectively). Upon request, the LKAP valve is also available as a normally open (NO) valve.

For more information, please refer to Documentation.

Compliance with most hygienic standards

Alfa Laval LKAP valves meet most standards requested in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. Please refer to Documentation for more information.

Product Benefits

  • Quality pneumatic shut-off valve
  • Clean simplicity
  • Simple, straightforward design 






The LKAP valve consists of an actuator, double lip seal for stem, stem, EPDM sealing and valve body with welding connections. Visual indication of the valve position is provided.

For remote indication of the valve position, an optional reed switch position transmitter is available.

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval LKAP seat valve is a normally closed (NC) valve with a spring return that is controlled from a remote location by means of compressed air.


  • Fittings according to required standards
  • Bracket with standard M12 sensors for indication of open and closed positions
  • Product wetted seals of FPM or NBR

LKAP seat valve

LKAP TD402032


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