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The Alfa Laval Weighing System with Compression Load Cells provides precision measurement for hygienic mixing, dosing, level regulation or batch processes. Compact and straightforward, it is perfect for use in tanks from 300 kg up to 100 tons in size.

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Hygienic weighing accuracy – both easy and flexible

  • Maximize process uptime with high-precision, high-accuracy load cell measurement
  • Cut costs and contamination risks thanks to hygienic, hermetically sealed stainless steel design
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain and clean due to compact footprint, load cell management, and straighforward design with no moving parts
  • Versatile, customizable weighing solution with broad range of fieldbus interfaces, digital cables and ATEX and IECEx versions

For accurate measurements for hygienic processes, count on the Alfa Laval Weighing System with Compression Load Cells. These capacitive digital load cells tolerate very high overloads, sideloads and torsion. It covers weighing needs from 0 to 100,000 kg and tolerates up to 1,000% overload. Perfect for use in the food, dairy, brewery, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Process weighing
  • Tank, vessel and silo
  • Filling and dosing
  • Level measurement


Special product models:

ATEX and IECEx versions for use in potentially explosive areas available

Tired of unreliable and unhygienic load cells?

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The Alfa Laval load cells are based on a patented digital capacitive technology that features a number of advantages compared to other technologies used for measuring force and weight.

Top ten reasons for choosing the new weighing solutions from Alfa Laval



The Alfa Laval Weighing System with Compression Load Cells features patented digital capacitive technology that has a non-contact capacitive sensor mounted inside the load cell body.

Each weighing system consists of: Several load cells, including load cell modules, an electronic output module, which can be either analogue or digital and control modules for the load cells and cable. To ensure robust and reliable connection between the tank and the load cells, Alfa Laval offers an additional range of tank legs that fits to the load cells.

Factory pre-calibration does away with time-consuming onsite adjustments during commissioning. No costly, complicated mounting kits, stay rods or overload protection devices. Just precise load cell weighing and management at its best.

When a load is applied, a portion of the load is transmitted to each load cell, which sends an electrical signal proportional to the load sensed to the control module. The control module converts the signals to an accurate weight reading.

Because there is no contact between the capacitive sensor and the load cell body, the load cells are largely unaffected by overload, side loads, torsion, shocks and welding voltages. This makes straightforward mechanical load cell installation possible. A proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in the load cell converts, compensates and calibrates the output from the ceramic load cell weight sensor, enabling plug-and-play operation and accurate compression load cell measurement.



非常适用于小型或移动式储罐(重量高达 4000 千克)中的混合、加料或批量处理任务

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Level Switch

Level switches provide accurate and reliable remote liquid level indication for hygienic brewery, food and beverage, and biopharm processes.

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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters provide accurate, reliable indication of pressure. These pressure measurement devices are suitable for use in filtration and pump systems, pressure vessels, valve matrices and other hygienic and pharmaceutical process equipment.

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Part of a broad instrumentation range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation intended for hygienic applications in the dairy, foodbeverage,home carepersonal care, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

For a broader instrumentation range, explorer the different product categories: analytical instruments, cleaning validation instruments, flow instruments, level instruments, pressure instruments and temperature instruments.