Alfa Laval helps Stockholm vatten to have a steady flow | Alfa Laval

阿法拉伐帮助瑞典斯德哥尔摩水务公司(Stockholm Vatten)获得稳定的流量

瑞典斯德哥尔摩市政供水公司(Stockholm Vatten VA AB)与阿法拉伐公司签订了涵盖三个不同地点的15台用于水和废水处理的卧螺式离心机的服务协议。

日期 2022-01-27

Alfa Laval plans and performs all necessary maintenance, from cleaning and lubrication to advanced annual services performed at an Alfa Laval Service Centre. Alfa Laval’s service engineers regularly monitor the decant­ers' condition by measuring vibrations, which allows them to take preventive action and optimize the service intervals. 

Lower total cost of ownership with Alfa Laval services 

The advantages for Stockholm Vatten are many. Operations are more reli­able, they have a fixed annual service cost, and they have a lower total cost of owner­ship. Alfa Laval handles all practical details while Stockholm Vatten focuses on their core operation.

The customer

Stockholm's municipal water company, Stockholm Vatten VA AB, handles wastewater from Stockholm and seven other municipalities.