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Given almost 20 years’ experience in ballast water treatment, Alfa Laval PureBallast Business Unit has been set up based on a portfolio of world leading technology, performance, and extraordinary total cost of ownership. With over 6000 vessels installed with PureBallast ballast water treatment systems, Alfa Laval has successfully helped thousands of shipowners worldwide to meet the challenge from ballast water regulation and enhance their own shipping business competitiveness.

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To meet rapid increasing demand due to 2023 deadline, Alfa Laval is recruiting business agent for China mainland and Hongkong with sincerity from whom are in conform with Alfa Laval brand value and have the willingness to provide the shipowners with professional and timely service. The Agent will accordingly be integrated into Alfa Laval salesforce network in China mainland and Hongkong and work together to develop the retrofit business and share business achievement in heath and sustainability.


  • 认同阿法拉伐品牌价值和商业准则
  • 良好的公司运营及财务状况
  • 具有丰富的船舶行业工程和配套经验,勇于开拓市场
  • 专业健全的船舶销售网络和销售团队

Qualifications for agent candidates

  • Conformity with Alfa Laval brand value and Code of Conduct
  • Good business situation of operation and finance
  • Experiences in marine industry engineering and equipment sales
  • Well-established sales network and sales team in marine industry
  • Willingness and ambition to business development


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Disclaimer: In addition to the arbitration agreement, the recruitment information above is only for reference. The information does not constitute any commitment made by Alfa Laval. The information described in this announcement does not replace the official information obtained by the applicant from Alfa Laval. In addition to the arbitration agreement, the information in this announcement also does not have any legal binding force on the applicant, Alfa Laval and any other third parties.



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