Alfa Laval heat exchangers improve thermal efficiency and minimize energy costs by capturing and reusing heat generated in nickel processing. Their sophisticated design reduces cleaning and downtime and handles highly corrosive and errosive media with ease.

Mine nickel’s hidden treasures

In nickel production,acid leaching,electrowinning and other energy-intensive extraction processes can be tapped for vast amounts of heat, which is then fed back into the flow forsignificant energy savings andunparalleled yield.

Alfa Laval’s compact plate heat exchangers arethermally efficientand highly corrosion-resistant to cope with the aggressive and fouling environments involved in nickel processing.

In leaching, plate heat exchangers can use the heat of hot rich acid to pre-heat the incoming leach medium. At the same time, the rich acid is cooled prior to leach separation and extraction.

Where acid leaching processes are used and nickel is extracted by electrolysis, a pair of gasketed heat exchangers can act as an electrolyte exchanger. The hot, spent electrolyte is used to preheat the strong prior to electrowinning, saving significant amounts of heating energy. 

Our decanters are a favoured option in electrowinning, dewateringand recovery of intermediate products and our range of separation technologies is reliable, resilient and equipped to deal with complex separation processes involved in nickel processing.

All our heat exchangers benefit from a sophisticated design, making them easily accessible for cleaning. Thanks to high turbulence and velocity control, fouling, scaling, erosion and the need for cleaning are all minimized. In addition, their compact size saves space, energy and installation costs.