Mining dams pose a substantial risk, and residue management clearly needs to change. Alfa Laval is leading that transformation. The robust design and large capacity of our solid-bowl decanter centrifuges have proven the perfect solution for safe and secure dewatering of mine tailings. The small footprint substantially reduces installation space. The consistency of the solids fraction is perfect for co-disposal or dry stacking. And you recover large volumes of water for reuse.

Alfa Laval Sustainable solutions Reuse, reduce, recycle mining tailings

Ensuring a fast, continuous process for safe, clean and efficient solid-liquid separation

  • High capacity and separation efficiency with optimal solids dryness
  • Long working life
  • Designed for high-density sludge
  • Compact design and small installation area
  • Easy to scale-up capacities from test results
The proven design and performance of Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are based on decades of research and development in challenging solid-liquid separation applications. The unique bowl geometries, exceptional solids handling rates and robust design combine to set new standards in mining tailings management. The Alfa Laval decanter is wear-resistant, made with high-grade materials to withstand harsh environment of erosion and corrosion.

How the technology works

Alfa Laval P2 and P3 decanter centrifuges are specifically designed to separate mineral ore slurries as well as tailings into solid phase and liquid phase. Separation takes place in a horizontal cylindrical bowl equipped with a screw conveyor. The feed slurry enters into the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is then smoothly accelerated in the feed zone. Centrifugal forces of up to 3,500 G separate the solid particles from the liquid and the solids accumulate on the inner surface of the bowl.

The conveyor rotates in the same direction as the bowl, but at a different speed. This gives an axial thrust to the solid particles and the conveyor conveys those particles towards the conical end of the bowl. The solids leave the bowl through the solids discharge openings into the casing whereas the clarified liquid leaves the bowl by flowing over adjustable plate dams or power tubes into the casing.


Tailings dewatering






澳大利亚 Rix's Creek 选煤厂

作为 Bloomfield 集团的一部分,Rix's Creek 煤炭开采公司将改善现场煤炭尾矿管理作为其可持续发展战略的一部分。这样做是为了减少水和能源消耗,并最大限度地减少废物处理过程的地面足迹。

Rix's creek Coal Preparation Plant in Australia


加拿大三个不同的尾矿处理场已安装了 30 多台阿法拉伐卧螺离心机。事实证明,卧螺离心机是大规模尾矿脱水的高效解决方案,它们能有效去除传统固体控制设备无法处理的最细颗粒。

Syncrude in Canada

Eti Maden, 土耳其

土耳其的 Eti Maden 是世界上最大的硼酸盐采矿公司,他们使用一系列受保护的阿法拉伐卧螺离心机从饱和硼酸盐溶液中分离出尾矿。该公司对阿法拉伐的长期可靠运行记录、低维护成本和强大的本地服务支持感到非常满意。

Eti Maden in Turkey

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Best practice for tailings



How to select the most cost-efficient technology for tailings dewatering on your mining site

This whitepaper provides hands-on guidance and a revealing comparative cost analysis on how to select the most cost-efficient technology for tailings dewatering on your mining site.

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Solid Bowl Centrifuge makes Tailings dam redundant

Solid Bowl Centrifuges technology is about to transform tailings storage in ponded water in the mining industry radically. During the webinar, a number of alternative technologies for treatment and dewatering of tailings will be evaluated from perspectives of productivity, risk management and environmental impact.

Safe and Sustainable Tailings Management using Solid Bowl Centrifuge

Alfa Laval Mining & Minerals Industry Manager, Amol Chinchankar, discuss several alternative technologies for treatment and dewatering of tailings, and evaluate their productivity, risk management and environmental impact.




tailing ponds



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