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Ballast Water Treatment System Compliance


As you look into ballast water treatment solutions, the word “compliance” is one you’ll come across in one form or another. It’s a little word, but it’s a bigger concept – and it concerns some big obligations for ballast water treatment systems and you.

In this free webinar, our experts from Sweden will share with you how Alfa Laval PureBallast Compliance Service to meet your need for peace of mind.

E-Powerpack - An innovation solution for decarbonization goals


Alfa Laval E-Powerpack is a simple, low maintenance, modular solution which seeks to convert excess thermal energy available onboard into usable electric power.

In this webinar, we would give you an introduction of Alfa Laval E-Powerpack and the benefits of converting waste heat to electricity. We would also introduce you to the Alfa Laval Micro (a Waste heat recovery solution for Auxiliary engines) that can be used to supplement the excess steam available onboard to create a complete waste heat to energy solution.

How to reduce the OPEX of the Marine engines


In Marine shipping industry, Handling of Heavy Fuel Oils has been known for decades. Amongst the latest evolutions, New residual Fuels were introduced in 2020, as part of environmental legislation.

2 years later, what has been Alfa Laval’s learning with those new fuels, and what solutions has Alfa Laval developed for high-speed separators, to help Customers and partners adapting to the use of those new fuels, assuring continuous protection of the engine?

New range of Moatti 10µm FO filter (180 range)


In the recent several years, the demand for low sulphur fuel oil has steadily increased, concurrent with the changing and more stringent requirements of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) concerning air pollution.

Alfa Laval Moatti filter is a reliable solution for this risk, with a sustainable pressure difference, compatible structure and very small footprint.

How to extend lifetime and keep optimal performance of FWG


Without regular maintenance, heat transfer efficiency will fade gradually from Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) and Fresh Water Generators (FWGs), which may lead to downtime, insufficient cooling or production of fresh water.
During the webinar, our application expert will guide you deep dive inside the Alfa Laval PHEs to let you know the technology, and then explain how to extend lifetime and keep optimal performance of your equipment.

Connectivity & Digital services for Alfa Laval marine equipment

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With remote access to information from your onboard systems, you have smart opportunities to lower cost of ownership and secure peace of mind. Connectivity lets Alfa Laval experts serve you better remotely, using diagnostic data to speed up troubleshooting and reduce the number and length of service visits. Better still, our digital services put deeper insights at your fingertips, so that you can optimize your equipment and establish best practices across your fleet. This webinar will focus on how PureBallast Connect can help you reduce the OPEX of your Ballast Water Treatment System using digital services.