Auxiliary boiler steam and hot water generation

Supplying supplemental sources of steam and hot water plays an important role in power plant operations. Compact, reliable and ready to use, Alfa Laval auxiliary boilers efficiently provide an ample supply of supplemental steam and hot water for use in critical processes such as at power plant start-up.

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Optimizing auxiliary boiler steam and hot water generation

The Alfa Laval portfolio of Alfa Laval Aalborg 3-pass oil- and gas-fired boilers assure quality, reliability, long life, easy maintenance and sound economy. Compact and ready-to-install, this complete smoke-tube-shell boiler in a three-pass wetback design provides auxiliary steam capacities of up to 40 t/h at up to 20 bar design pressure.

The control system incorporates a burner management system with load and sequence control as well as water level control and safety equipment, motor starters and oil heater control. 

The Alfa Laval Aalborg 3-Pass auxiliary boiler can be equipped with a pressure-atomizing, steam-atomizing or rotary-cup type burner for fully automatic operation. Burners for fuels such as natural gas, oil or combined firing of gas and oil are available upon request. 


The boiler plant can be equipped with economizer, superheater, condensate tank, deaerator, feedwater tank, blowdown tank and O2 combustion control.



  • 安装简便: 阿法拉伐奥尔堡 3 喷嘴锅炉专为即插即用操作而设计,随附安装就绪的燃烧器、控制面板、配件和电缆。
  • 设计紧凑: 锅炉占地面积小,易于融入任何设计。
  • 便于检查和维护: 连接件和阀门位于锅炉顶部,便于安装、检查和维护,一些人孔便于内部检查。
  • 易于清洁: 螺旋管数量少、效率高,易于清洗。
  • 均匀、高质量的蒸汽: 高效的蒸汽干燥器可提供干燥的饱和蒸汽,还可选配过热器。
  • 改善燃烧: 炉子的热释放率相对较低,为火焰提供了充足的空间,有助于改善燃烧并限制烟气排放。