E-PowerPack装置是海运可持续性领域的一次革命性进步。该装置将废热转化为可自由利用的电能,可利用高温和低温热源发电。发动机废气中的热量占燃烧燃料能量的50%,更多能量可以从诸如缸套冷却水或因改用低硫燃料而产生的多余蒸汽等来源中回收。 通过减少燃料消耗、排放和碳足迹等措施,E-PowerPack装置为满足可持续性发展要求提供了一种成本节约方案。无论使用何种燃料,该装置都能提高能效指数,改善碳强度指标。这有助于船舶达到硬性指标,并长时间保持评级优势。 E-PowerPack装置结构紧凑并实现了模块化,其净电力输出达到100kW甚至200kW,可以与更大系统进行组合。

Alfa Laval E-PowerPack 200kW


  • 将废热直接转化为清洁电能
  • 提高燃油效率
  • 减少排放及碳足迹
  • 提高能效指数(EEDI/EEXI)
  • 改善碳强度指标(CII)






With its twin-screw compressor technology, the E‑PowerPack offers long-term reliability and keeps maintenance to a minimum. It provides up to 15 years (or 120,000 hours) of service life before overhaul is needed. From installation and throughout the E‑PowerPack life cycle, Alfa Laval Marine Service experts are ready to support you worldwide.


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Product launch

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The Alfa Laval E-PowerPack launch webinar is now available on demand. Discover this game-changing advance in marine sustainability, which converts waste heat into electrical power. Broadcasting from the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, experts Danny Ingemann, Jean Charles Lecuyer and Dimitrios Kampanis explain the E-PowerPack technology and why it improves EEDI/EEXI & CII. Find out how you can power your way to energy savings and compliance.


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How it works

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology  - Alfa Laval E-PowerPack


The E-PowerPack uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to turn waste heat into clean electrical power. By means of a liquid-gas phase change, it can generate power from both high-temperature and low-temperature heat sources. Please find the ORC technology explained by Mr. Dimitrios Kampanis.








Introducing the Alfa Laval E-PowerPack – a game-changing advance in marine sustainability

As the marine industry works to decarbonize, Alfa Laval is at the forefront of preparing technologies to make it happen. Now the first of many new energy solutions is coming to fruition: the Alfa Laval E-PowerPack. Able to convert waste heat directly into electrical power, the E-PowerPack reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – creating a simple, cost-saving tool for complying with new sustainability requirements.

Alfa Laval E-PowerPack 200kW

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