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Our heat transfer solutions improve thermal efficiency and minimize energy costs by recovering and reusing heat generated in the process. Our equipment reduces maintenance and downtime and handles highly corrosive media with ease.

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Uncover zinc’s hidden treasures

In zinc production, roasting, leaching, electrowinning and other energy-intensive extraction processes can be tapped for vast amounts of heat, which is then fed back into the flow for significant energy savings and unparalleled yield.

Alfa Laval’s compact plate heat exchangers are thermally efficient andhighly corrosion-resistant to cope with the aggressive and fouling environments involved in zinc processing.

Spiral heat exchangers use steam to heat the zinc sulphate solution prior to purification. Inverting the two flows in the spiral allows the exchanger to self-clean, eliminating crystallized foulingreducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Gasketed heat exchangers use spent electrolyte to preheat the strong prior to electrowinning. The gaskets are designed with aggressive environments in mind, ensuring leakage-free performance and along life cycle.

Our decanters are a favoured option in both solvent extraction andelectrowinning Every product in our range of separation technologies is reliable, resilient and equipped to deal with the complex separation processes involved in zinc processing.

All our heat exchangers benefit from a sophisticated design, making them easily accessible for cleaning. Thanks to high turbulence and velocity control, fouling, scaling, erosion and the need for cleaning are minimized. In addition, their compact size saves space, energy and installation costs.


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