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Alfa Laval’s expertly engineered heat transfer and separation solutions optimize processes and profits in every phase of uranium production, from heating and cooling, leaching and thickening to solvent extraction, precipitation and enrichment.

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所有 Air heat exchangers wetted 板式换热器 混合设备 螺旋翅片空气换热器 滤筛和过滤器 自动反冲洗过滤器 自动化

Mining the benefits of uranium

By increasing thermal efficiency in the complex process of uranium production, our heat exchangers reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Their smaller size saves space, reduces installation outlay and makes it viable to build equipment usingcorrosion-resistant alloys, dealing with aggressive environments and extreme temperatures with ease.

Self-cleaning technologies in our heat exchange and separation equipment minimize maintenancereduce fouling and create revenue through re-use and resale of waste products.

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers, decanter centrifuges, drum thickeners and separation solutions help you maximize processes and profits in every phase of uranium production, from heating and cooling, leaching and thickening to solvent extraction andprecipitation.

Spiral heat exchangers can use the heat of hot rich leach medium to pre-heat the incoming leach medium. At the same time, the rich leach medium is cooled prior to leach separation and extraction.

Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are a favoured option for processing the yellow cake in uranium enrichment.


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